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Saturday, 27 May 2017


Mountain Man Daddy

My latest book is on my editors desk! Whoot! Won't be long now!  I posted an excerpt on my facebook page a week ago but forgot to add it here, so.....


"Don't you get bored?" she asked, looking around. "Up here, all alone with nothing but wood to chop?"

"Nope." He cut her off with another stern look but didn't take his hand away until she released it. "Drink that tea and go back to sleep. I've got things to do." His brow cocked. "More wood chopping."

"I'm not tired," she snapped, more harshly than she intended. 

"I'm bored. And don't you ever get frustrated?" Her mouth quirked at the corner. He fascinated her, and she loved pushing his buttons. "Sexually frustrated?"

"Don't much care if you're bored. You need your rest." His mouth pulled at the corners. "And little girl, my sexual frustration is none of your business, unless you want to make it your business? And honey, if you think I'm controlling and bossy now…" He let the words trail off before turning to the door. Her pulse quickened, and her belly quivered. 

Stay tuned for more...

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