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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sexy Excerpt from Mountain Man Daddy!

“Oh, you will, but I’m not finished with this lesson yet, Avery. Not even close.” She wanted to kick her legs in a tantrum, but they were like gelatin from his pleasure-torment. He lifted to his full height and reached over his shoulder to tug off his shirt. Moisture pooled in her mouth. He ran his left hand down his sculpted abs and leered at her. He looked like of one of those professional wrestlers on television—tall, muscled, and bearded, with long wild hair. He exuded a roughness and danger that enflamed her insides, especially because she knew those qualities were equally united with his protective and tender sides.
He unbuttoned his jeans slowly, dragging the zipper down at an agonizing pace. He yanked them off, along with the long underwear and she stared at his hard cock. She wanted to touch it, feel its long smooth skin in her palm and brush the silky tip across her lips. Her expression, a mix of awe and desire, made his grin grow wide. He lowered his eyes to his member and then lifted them back to her with the self-confidence of a man who had reason to be boastful. He walked to the headboard and untied her wrists, kissing each of them where she’d made lines from her struggling.
“Come here and put your hands together.” She came to stand in front of him, and he tied her wrist to wrist. He arched one brow at her. “You didn’t think I was done with you yet, did you?”
“Oh, I would have been disappointed if you were.” He chuffed, hooked a finger in the silk and walked with her to the living area. He sat her at the table. “I’m keeping an eye on you,” he said and gave her mouth a slow kiss. He went to the fridge and pulled out a jug of water. “Thirsty?” He smiled when she nodded. “Parched, Daddy.”
He poured a large glass and brought it to her, placing the edge against her lips. Her tied hands lifted but he pulled back the glass before she could grab it.

“Daddy’s in charge of your every need right now, little girl.” He watched her intensely until she lowered her hands back to her lap. “Good girl.”


  1. Thanks Laura! I hope you signed up for an ARC so you can see what happens next! ;)