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Friday, 1 December 2017

Now that A Daddy for Christmas is out... What's Next?

What's next from Kara Kelley?

That's simple... another daddy book! There are four outdoor, reclusive daddies that need their stories told before I move on and this Biker Daddy is next!


He's an asshole biker with little time for anyone, except her.  Addi's the only woman he's ever loved - taken care of. And while he knows who she is and what they had together, Addi can't remember him nor does he want her to.  The woman needs him for now though - she needs him to be her hero and keeper again, but there's no way he'll let her fall for him this time, even if it means showing her just what kind of badass daddy he is.


 Everyone she's ever loved has left her, either by choice or circumstance. Maybe she's a bit of a control freak that takes ZERO risks. Maybe that scares people away. Maybe she destined to be alone, but for now, while she's grieving the loss of her uncle - the only true family she had left, she'll take the comfort and guidance of the man her uncle asked to take care of her.  The hot, demanding biker that calls himself daddy may not really care, but she can pretend for a while, can't she?   

TEASER? Oh Hell Yeah!


He opened the cabin door and she put a hand on his chest. “I’m sorry I came on to you. I should have known better.” Her eyes lowered to the deck. “I feel a connection to you because of Ray, but we’re nothing but strangers. And I’m not your type—not sexy like the woman in the bar.”

“What?” His voice was sharp. “Addianna.” Her name both scolded and scalded from his tongue. “Don’t.” His jaw ticked and he pointed a long finger at her.
“Don’t what? Admit the truth?” She looked away, blowing out. “I know this isn’t real. I know you’re being nice because Ray asked you to, but I need some reality to keep me on the ground. And that reality is, outside of this situation, I’m not good enough for you.”
“Jesus!” He slammed a hand against her cabin. “Get your ass in that cabin, little girl.” Her not good enough him? The idea was so ass-backwards he snorted.
Her eyes widened with a start and she stood frozen to the spot. Couldn’t she see how he struggled not to rip her clothes off and plant himself deep inside her lush body? He needed to show her… first, how she turned him to fucking lava and then, why she should stay the hell away from him.
“Babygirl, you’d better move it. When daddy tells you something, you do it.”
She swallowed, and spun, pushing the door open. He followed swiftly, making her scramble faster.
His eyes bulldozed, hard, demanding and full of desire into hers. The deep brown of her eyes swirled with heat and a tinge of uncertainty.
“Get those clothes off.” She blinked at his demand, possibly weighing her options. He took a step toward her and she went for the button on her jean capris. He took her hands.
“Too late. You hesitated. Now I have to show you how daddy punishes his babygirl when she’s disobedient.” Her lip quivered but the flush inflaming her cheeks told him it was arousal. She was wet and throbbing over his dominance—which he didn’t expect, but made him rock hard and straining in the confines of his pants. There was no turning back without breaking her and no going forward without being sent to a deeper level of Dante’s inferno. Ah hell.

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