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Thursday, 29 March 2018


The heat is on...THIRTY deliciously steamy paperbacks are up for grabs! Including mine!
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Paperbacks included:
Danielle Norman - Enough
Renee Rose - Night of the Zandians
Golden Angel - Tempting the Domme
Vanessa Vale - Spurred 
Tessa Bailey - Getaway Girl
M.E. Montgomery - Yesterday's Tomorrows
Sara Fields - Her Alien Doctors
Leslie McAdam - Lumbersexual
Tess Thompson - Blue Midnight
Willow Winters - She Asked For It
Julia Sykes - Sweet Captivity
Annabel Joseph - Cirque de Minuit
Eva Charles - Sheltered Heart
Alta Hensley - Bastards & Whiskey
Aleatha Romig - RESPECT
Vivian Wood - Dr. Hottie
Celia Aaron - Nate
Gemma James - Torrent
K Webster - My Torin
LJ Shen - Blood to Dust
F.G. Adams - Lukas
V.F. Mason - Sociopath's Obsession 
Sunniva Dee - Walking Heartbreak
Anna Edwards - Surrendered Control
Kat Mizera - Vladimir
J.L. Beck - Be Mine: Smut Collection Box Set 
Kara Kelley - Mountain Man Daddy
N. E. Henderson - Dirty Blue
Sierra Cartwright - Bind
Nana Malone - Lovestruck

*Giveaway CLOSES on March 31st so click now!*

And Here's Another Sexy Unedited Excerpt From Biker Daddy!

“You have a great ass, Drew.” Her face bloomed pink.
“Is that all, babe?” He shot her a cocky grin.
“Oh no, your penis is pretty magnificent, too.” Tipping his head back, he laughed and then grabbed his dick again, stroking it for her. 
“It’s a cock, sugar—one that’s eager for you.”
Pulling his tie over his head, he nodded to the settee. “Sit.” Once she’d obeyed, he wrapped the tie around her head to cover her eyes and kissed her nose. 
“I fucking adore you.”
“You’re painting me with a tie around my eyes?  Is this going to be the cover for another of those novels?” He just chuckled and started unbuttoning her dress. She reached for his hand. “No!” Her face paled and all the playfulness gave way to her nerves.
“I don’t want you to paint me naked. I… ” Her voice cracked and he tilted her face up with his finger. She looked instantly calmer.
“Babe, do you trust me?”
“Yes.” Her lip trembled so he kissed it still. “But I…” Her mumbled words against his lips made his mouth quirk. God, she was adorable. 
“You’re beautiful—every, single part of you, inside and out - and you’re mine to do as I please with.
“I don’t want my body, in all its inglorious detail, immortalized forever on canvas, Drew.”
“If you put yourself down again, babe, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” She lowered her head.
“I do.”
“What’s that babygirl?”
“You’ll spank me?” 
“Mhmm. Daddy will spank your naughty bottom crimson.”
“Okay. I’m sorry.” 
“Good girl. Now I want you naked and lying down.” Her brow furrowed and she bit her lip again. He cleared his throat.
“You aren’t painting on canvas, are you?”
“Nope. You’re my medium today.” He ran his thumb over the apple of her cheek which was pink and warm to the touch. “I do have another one of you started.  You can’t see it until its done, though.”
“Okay.” He took the sides of her dress and pulled it off. Unhooking her bra, he let it slide off her arms while eyeing her thong panties. They could stay, he decided, tracing the little triangle covering her bare mound.  It hadn’t been bare before and he liked it naked and smooth.
“You were going to wear this at the charming little old lady B&B?”
“No, they’re my motivational panties. I’ve never worn them.  I just keep them packed to push me to remember to eat properly and jog while I’m away. I only wore them today because my only funeral appropriate dress was too tight and I didn’t want panty lines.”
“Do you know how amazing you look in them?”
“Don’t tease me, Drew.” Her mouth was a flat line and it made his jaw tense.
“Get up,” he said firmlyShe swallowed audibly and he grabbed her arm to pull her up before she could disobey. Bending, he tossed her over his shoulder. She squealed and he smacked her ass.
“Ow, Drew!”
“It’s daddy,” he grumbled.
“Fine! Ow, daddy!”
 “The sarcasm doesn’t impress me, babe.” He cracked his palm on her naked flesh again, this time with more zest. It sounded sharp and her gasp said it felt that way too. He flicked on the light switch as he walked into the large bathroom down the hall from the kitchen. Lowering her to her feet, he spun her to face the full-length mirror and yanked off the blindfold.
“Look at yourself.” She crossed her arms and looked skyward. “God, babe, you’re asking for a spanking so badly right now. Is that what you want?”
“No.” It was petulant and he sighed.
“I had other plans, but I’ll always give my babygirl what she needs.”

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