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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Coming Soon!!

Raw excerpt of, Biker Daddy! Coming soon!

“There’s no way in hell,” she said slamming the car door. His narrowed eyes and set jaw were no deterrence as she advanced on him. She poked a short French manicured fingertip into his hard, bare chest.
“What are you trying to pull, you swindling, scoundrel, biker bully? My uncle would never sell this place—not even to his friend. It was his whole life and just so you know I’m not some long-lost niece buster! I talked to my uncle almost every day and Skyped with him weekly! And just because I didn’t know you lived here doesn’t mean anything.” She took a moment to breathe, and calm herself. Her face was flaming with anger.
“He would have told me if he was selling the place.”
Fitz looked at the spot on his chest where she poked and then frowned. She had over-reacted. She hugged her arms around her middle and looked away from his perturbed expression. God, she was exhausted and not acting like herself at all. Where was her control?
“Uncle Ray would have told me,” she repeated, quieter, almost contrite. Was this what his letter was about?
“First off, he didn’t want you to know because he knew you’d want to come to his rescue—he’s broke—he was broke. And second, little girl, you ever poke me again and I’ll show you what a scoundrel I can be.” His mitt-like hands came off his hips and he crossed his thick arms.
“Broke? No way! Do you know how much his paintings go for? Hundreds of thousands! There’s no way he was broke. And don’t you threaten me,” she retorted, her temper flaring again.
“Yeah, well he liked giving his money away. And it wasn’t a threat. It was a promise.” He glowered down at her, his fingers pressing deeper into the skin of his bicep over a particularly scary-looking tattoo.
Was it the Grim Reaper?
“Not to his detriment, you caveman! I should have known you’d threaten me.” She rolled her eyes. “You bikers have no morals. You beat up your old ladies all the time.” She paused. “Or your old men.”
A smirk twitched behind his facial hair and she clenched her fists, a growl escaping.
“It’s no joke!”
“I wouldn’t beat you up, babygirl. Not even if you were my old lady.” His voice was rich, raspy and tinged with sexy innuendo and then just as suddenly as it came, it left and the amusement fell from his face. “However, I have no qualms about putting a deserving little girl over my knee if she can’t keep her damn hands to herself and her temper in check.
“We’ll just save the rest of this money conversation for the lawyer,” she snapped in hopes of ending the fight she was too tired to continue. Besides, she felt heat creep down her body to enflame her southern region as she realized what he’d just said. “Did you just threaten to spank me?”
“Nope.” He uncrossed his arms and positioned them back on his hips. “Again, it was a promise. And just so you don’t get your panties in a twist the sale became void as soon as Ray died.” They locked eyes for a long pause before he shook his head and opened the back door of her car. She watched in shock as he reached in to grab her bags.
“Come on. Let’s get you settled and then I’ll take you to the funeral home. I only came home to feed Ray’s fish. I don’t feel much like being here today. As taciturn as Ray was, this place is too quiet and empty without him.”
Carrying her bags, he strode off on his long legs leaving her to scramble after him. Taciturn? An educated biker? She decided to leave the hot topic of him buying the camp and spanking her for the moment until she’d seen to Uncle Ray’s arrangements, had some food and some much-needed sleep. Then she’d be herself—cool, and quick-witted. Then she’d be capable of shredding him without raising her voice.
Tomorrow that biker was in for it. She huffed and then hauled ass to catch up to him. Did he say fish?
“Uncle Ray has a fish? Like a goldfish?” He shot a smirk over his broad shoulder at her.
“It’s no goldfish, babygirl.” When he called her that, her belly squirmed. No one had ever called her that. Not even just baby. She’d had a few ‘babes.’ Hey babe, wanna go for a drink? Hey babe, you mind? You’re blocking the game. Hey babe can I give you a ride? But they didn’t count.
“I can take that,” she said reaching for her suitcase. He only quirked that damn eyebrow at her again making her gut flip.
“Even a scoundrel like me wouldn’t let a lady carry her own bags.” He left her behind to head down the path to Uncle Ray’s cabin. She didn’t try to catch up then. Her heels were sinking into the soft moist pine bed and if she moved any faster she’d probably break an ankle.
“What the hell are in these anyway? Bricks?”
Yeah for the wall I’m going to build to keep you away from this camp.
“I was supposed to be heading to a B&B in Orillia. I just grabbed my already packed suitcases and went straight to the airport.” He made a huffing sound—she thought it may have been the start of a chuckle, but she wasn’t sure.
“Bikini’s don’t weigh this much.” Now she huffed.
“It was a business trip.” She rolled her eyes. “I was doing an article for the magazine and I don’t wear bikinis.” He looked down at her, now at his side. His eyes traveled slowly down her body leaving a sizzling path of heat in their wake.
“Why not?” he asked and looked seriously perplexed. Is he blind?
“Because girls with my figure shouldn’t,” she stated plainly and looked away.
“Why the hell not?” He sounded offended.
“Because I’m thick.”
“Thick? What the hell does that mean?”
She sighed. “I’m fat!” He stopped at that and set her bags down grabbing her upper arm again, this time to spin her, stopping when she’d gone full circle and faced him again.
“Christ!” He eyed her sternly. “Says who? Who the hell would call you fat? Those curves should have warning labels they’re so dangerously enticing. Only an asshole looking for a plastic doll would call you thick, solid, or fat. You’re goddamned perfect!” Oddly, even though his words were complimentary, he sounded angry—as if her looks pissed him off.
She crossed her arms and gave him a challenging look to hide her insecurity. His gaze only got sterner and she found her gaze dropping to her coral high-heels uncomfortably.
“Fuck the bikini, you should skinny dip anyway.” He released her sounding even more irritated and picked up the suitcases again. He made it five big strides before Addi started following again. How the hell had they just had that conversation?
And why did his words leave her both flustered and over-heated in places that shouldn’t be hot in her current situation? Or at all, since he was a biker and they were dangerous and she didn’t do dangerous. And why the hell was he so aggravated with her?

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