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Camping in nature

1) Come clean now, accept your punishment and enjoy the rest of your trip.

2) Lie again. With that way his arched brow is aimed at you, you know he'll spank you for lying,  It's better to try to get away with it and promise yourself no more lies. 


Jax has strict rules against lying.

The tent is way more complicated than you thought and before long you're sitting in the middle of the darn thing growling in frustration.

"You need help now?" Jax asks with his right brow arched in a way that makes your stomach flip.

"Uh, yes, please, daddy."

Jax sets aside the wood he's collecting and comes to you. He reaches a hand forward and you take it. He pulls you up and nods at the camping chair by the firepit. "Have a seat. There's coffee in the thermos."

As he starts putting the tent up he asks, "I thought you'd said you'd put up millions of tents."

"It's different than the ones I'm used to," you say trying to cover up your lie. 

He has the tent up in less than ten minutes and it makes you grumpy.

He turns to you, hands on hips. "You sure you've put up a tent before?""

You swallow at his question. 

Do you...

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