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"No, huh?" He rubs his chin. "I guess you're just naturally sweet then. So tell me what shall we do now?"

You consider the question a moment and then smile. "Roast marshmallows and cuddle by the fire."


"That sounds nice."

"But first..." You put a hand over his zipper and squeeze the quickly growing bulge there. 

His brows rise. "Mm, yes?" 

His cock lengthens under your hand. You don't answer him, just look around and tug him behind the tent. Unbuttoning his cargo pants, you lower yourself to your knees, taking his pants and boxers with you. "Daddy deserves his cock sucked."

He moans as you take his thick length into your mouth, running it over the flat of your tongue before sucking him deep to the back of your throat. He buries his hands into your hair and says your name in the most desperate whisper. 


He starts rocking his hips, fucking your mouth, so you grabs his ass, letting your nails grip his tight flesh. 


"Suck baby. Take all of daddy. I know you can."


You moan and whimper as you obey, yours eyes watering. 


His head falls back when you release his ass to fondle his balls. His moans turn to growls and you feel him tighten just as he spurts hotly into your mouth. 

"Mmm baby. Fuck marshmallows, you're getting s'mores and after you've had your fill, you'll be fucking my face till morning." 



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