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Marshmallows over Campfire
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“So you think you deserve a spanking, huh?”


You nod, looking up through your lashes at his handsome face. Jax has never spanked you before and the idea of getting one now makes you nervous, even though you’ve discussed everything thoroughly and he knows every limit you have.  An outdoor spanking has always been on your wish list and the excitement of possibly being overheard makes your breath hitch.


“All right, little one.” Jax lowers down onto the cot and pulls you gently towards him. You do a penguin walk since your pants are down to your knees already.  “Get those hiking boots off.”  You kick your boots off easily as they’re a bit too big. 


“Over you go.”


His lap is sturdy and being over his knee is way more comfortable than you thought. You feel safe, cozy and cared for. He tugs your jeans further down your legs until they’re at your ankles.


“Pull your feet out. I want you bare.”


You do as instructed and are now across his lap in nothing but your flannel button down shirt and some fuzzy socks.


“I’m not going to spank you hard, baby. Just a little one and then you get your reward.”


The clap of his hand on your bottom is loud and echoey in the woods, but it feels solid and warm. You can’t help but giggle. He spanks again and it’s a teeny bit sharper but still feels so damn good. More slow solid swats follow and your bottom gets a nice buzzy warmth. As do other parts of you. You even tip your bottom up to accept his swats greedily.


Your clit is throbbing needily and you can’t help but squeeze your thighs together. Daddy Jax chuckles.


“What’s wrong, little one?”


“I… touch me, please daddy,” you say breathless with need.


He chuckles again. “Who’s the daddy?”


“You are,” you answer but as you do, his hand brands your bottom hard. You hiss at the sting but it eases quickly giving way to more neediness.


He follows with ten more very sharp spanks that make you hold your breath and squirm, but his hand rubs gently after the last biting spank and you can’t help but moan.


“Open your legs.” His gruff demand causes your belly to erupt in excited flutters and you quickly obey.


He grabs your ass cheek, giving it a rough squeeze before spreading you open. 


“Tell me it’s mine.”


“Oh god, yes, it’s yours!”


You’re so desperate for the touch, you gasp and lurch a little when his finger skims across you hole and through your folds. Jax growls. “This is mine. Never jump when I touch it.”


“Yes, daddy,” you answer on a whimper as he begins stroking you.  The tempo of his hand increases and with each stroke, his finger puts the perfect amount of pressure on your clit. Your breathing increases and you pant over his knee.

A finger slides inside you and you whimper.


“What do you want baby?”


“Please, I want to come.”


“Such a good girl for asking.” He takes his hand away and you call out.


“No, daddy, please.” He swats your ass hard and you hiss.


“Be patient.”


You nod, and he pulls you up. Guiding you to the end of the cot, he lowers you down.  Falling to his knees he puts your legs over his shoulders and you bite your lip. God, yes. Please hurry.  


The moment his tongue touches you, you shove your pussy closer to his mouth. You need it so badly. Like a flower needs water in a drought. You beg nonsensically and grind against his face, his beard tickling your sensitive inner thighs.


“So close, so close,” you chant and he sucks your clit hard enough you see stars. You release a garbled cry as you go over and he slides a finger inside your pulsating pussy. 


“Mm, daddy wants to feel that around his cock.”


“Yes, yes.” You blurt, still riding the pulses of your orgasm as the next one builds.


He smacks your thigh. “Flip over, I wanna see that little pucker as I fuck you.”


You’re barely in position when you hear the condom wrapper tear. He slides inside you. The fullness of him making you moan. It’s so good.


He moans too. “This tight little pussy is mine, isn’t is baby?”


“God, yes.”


He runs his thumb across your pucker making you tremble. “This too?”


“All of me, daddy. I’m all yours.”


“That’s daddy’s good, good, girl.”


And then his rocketing hips drive you both into bliss.

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