Detective Daddy



I’d known the woman two weeks and she’d already become an expert at testing my patience. There’s never been a brat that’s brought out my daddy side like Alexis Riker, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep my twitchy palm off her bratty ass.


Or my body off hers.




Jack’s the sexy-as-hell private detective I hired to help me find my father in Colombia. Leaving out the more dangerous part of my plan might not have been my best idea though.  Especially now that I know Jack will make me call him daddy as he punishes me.


And how my body turns to liquid fire when he does. 


“Sit properly and put your seatbelt on.” Jack’s gruff, irritated voice was such a relief to her ears that she ignored his instructions and threw herself into his arms. Despite Jack’s curse and grousing about her foolishness, his arms held her tightly—comforting, lovingly.


She was safe in Daddy Jack’s arms.

After several minutes, when her breathing had become somewhat regular, Jack released his strong hold on her and moved her back to her seat. He leaned over and buckled her in himself. And then shot her a look that made her rethink her first thought.


She was safe—for now.


Jack was livid. She’d seen him annoyed. She’d seen him hangry, hell, she’d even seen him pissed off, but this was a whole other level. She bit her lip. He chewed his, eyes narrowed and holding her stare. She swallowed hard and he released a breath.




“Don’t!” His hand landed on her thigh and squeezed. “Don’t you dare open your pretty mouth, young lady. There isn’t one thing you could say that will save your ass from the thrashing you’re due, so don’t waste your breath. You’ll need it for wailing.”