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I don’t need help from anyone.


Especially not a bossy, sexy-as-hell, security guard who caught me stealing his lunch pudding and makes me call him daddy.





Lu will learn soon enough I’m even more stubborn than her when it comes to what I want.


And what I want is to fucking dirty daddy her into oblivion while protecting her from the mess she’s gotten herself into.



“I can be a dick, Lu.” Grizzly Jeff chuffs impatiently, just like a bear. “I can turn you in or you can damn well sit your ass down and eat.” He presses his lips in a no-nonsense line. “Your choice, little girl.”

Little girl? Wtf, Jeff. Grown adult woman here. Except, damn, I’m all squishy inside at his words.

“It’s not like I can be arrested for stealing pudding,” I say, rolling my eyes like the little girl he suggests I am.

His brows knit, creating the cutest wrinkle above his perfectly-imperfect nose. It has a bump and slight curve that gives his quarterback hometown hero look just the perfect amount of rugged.


Grizzly Jeff leans back, crossing his arms. “No, but you could lose your job.” He rises then and walks to one of the drawers by the fridge. “You can be fired for stealing someone’s lunch. It makes you untrustworthy.” He opens the drawer and pulls out a plastic spoon. My gut drops at that.

I cannot lose this job. I need this job to pay Satan’s Ransom.

I sit, fiddling with the top on the pudding cup. My finger runs across the permanent marker scrawled on the top. He tosses the spoon across the table and pulls out the chair opposite mine. It scrapes across the floor as he pulls it out.

“Hey! Those marks are a bitch to get off the floor!”

“My apologies,” he says and lifts the chair the final few inches before sitting in it.

“It’s not my break,” I say sullenly, slouching in the chair. “I could be fired for sitting around when I should be cleaning.”

He only cocks his left brow at me and takes the pudding cup, peels the top off, puts the spoon in and slides it back at me. And then he rises, walks to my side of the table and sits his hip on it, holding the lid in front of me.

“Lick,” he orders, and oh, my fucking God, my entire body ignites.

“Open up, baby doll. Don’t make me force you.”

I swallow hard. And we’re frozen staring at each other a moment, the only sound is the ticking of the huge analog clock hanging on the wall behind me and the hum of the fridge. And then, he reaches out, putting his thumb and forefinger on my chin and pulls my mouth open.

“Be a good girl, Lu. Stick out that pretty tongue.”

The air between us is electric. It practically crackles and the hair on my arms stands straight up, as do my nipples. Suddenly they’re tight and aching with need and I have to break the intensity before it breaks me—before I beg him to…

“Yes, Grizzly Daddy,” I answer with sickly sweet sarcasm and stick my tongue out flat.

He smiles. And it’s both the dirtiest and sexiest smile I’ve ever seen and if I could swallow less awkwardly with my mouth open I would because, god damn, I’m salivating.

“That’s my good girl.” The wicked glint in his eye has my belly dipping and warmth pooling down there.

Holy. Shit. Instead of the words breaking the tension like I wanted, they’ve increased it, a hundred fold, and Jesus! My insides, already warm, spike a fucking fever. The kind of fever that requires medical attention.

He smears the butterscotchy lid against my tongue and then pulls it a few inches away. “Lick it clean.”

I obey with a quiver and when it’s clean, he sets it on the paper bag. I close my mouth attempting to swallow the sweet smoothness but it feels more like cement. His thumb finds my lip and wipes, a smear of butterscotch coming off on his thumb.

“You never take a break, Lu,” he whispers and then pops his thumb into his mouth and sucks. He sucks slowly and thoroughly, making my thighs clench.

I whimper and his cocky half-smile deepens. “You like that, baby doll?”