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Dirty Daddies Anniversary Anthology

Strong, sexy and dirty-as-hell!

Twelve, panty-melting romances starring Daddy Doms who command total surrender and the women who don’t stand a chance of resisting.

Penned by some of the best authors in the genre, this deliciously naughty collection of all-new stories is bursting with HOT, raw, Daddy Dom action that’s sure to leave you breathless.

Surrender now.

Get Dirty Daddies today!


Forbidden Sweets by Maggie Ryan

They say that life can change at the drop of a hat. But would it have been too much to ask for at least a little warning? Perhaps if I’d known my life was about to be irrevocably changed, I would have put on a pair of panties!


Long Distance Daddy by Rayanna Jamison & Allysa Hart

Every once in a while, when the stress and anxiety of everyday life got too high for me to cope, I needed someone to call me little girl, flip me over their knee and spank me until sitting was no longer a thing. My neighbor, Michael, fulfilled that role for me. Unfortunately, he was about to be deployed for six months and I would be left to my own devices. That’s what I thought anyways, but Mike had other plans.


Sylvie: Dr. Richards’ Littles 26 by Pepper North

Oncologist Sylvie Douglas treats her seriously ill patients with kindness and compassion.  A brilliant doctor, she focuses on others, neglecting her own fantasies and desires. Kane Palmer has been searching for his Little for many years. When he meets Sylvie at a cocktail party, the accomplished businessman is drawn to the little girl hidden inside the dedicated doctor.  Can he convince Sylvie to allow him to make all her dreams come true?


Detective Daddy by Kara Kelley

I’d known the woman two weeks and she’d already become an expert at testing my patience. There’s never been a brat that’s brought out my daddy side like Alexis Riker, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep my twitchy palm off her bratty ass. Or my body off hers.


Little Leigh by Golden Angel

Leigh's secret fantasy is for her boyfriend and Dom to be more than that... she wants him to be her Daddy. Little does she know, Jared has been setting up a very special night for her, because he wants to be her Daddy too, and he hopes to show her how good it could be. Can one perfectly filthy, fantastic night change an entire relationship? They're about to find out! 


Daddy’s Little Liar by Maren Smith

Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a badly sprained ankle, no money and now a broken-down car, all Georgia can think about is getting back on the road before she misses interviewing for her dream job. The sexy mechanic at Dad’s Garage doesn’t have to know she can’t pay for repairs. And once he does find out… well, half the porn video industry is made up of women who find alternate ways to pay their bills. If she offers herself instead of money, who would know or even care?


Daddy’s Precious Girl by Katie Douglas

Precious has been alone so long she’s not even sure there’s a daddy out there for her anymore. Then her perfect daddy literally crashes into her life. But how can they find time to be together, when Precious’s job always has to come first? A Coast Side Daddies story.



An Odd Little Girl by J.M. Dabney

Donavan Chase had his eye on his best friend's secretary for a year, but the odd, little girl seemed terrified of him. He couldn't change his rough looks or guttural voice. How the hell was he going to make her his if she hid every time he was around? Desperate times called for desperate measures. All he had to do was convince his best friend to let him borrow her, just a week and he could convince her to be his.


Cry For Daddy by Aubrey Cara

She's a bird with clipped wings. A liability I don’t need. She’s a manipulative little baggage who cries so sweetly when she begs and calls me daddy.  And I’m addicted to her tears. It’s a mistake to keep her. I need to get rid of her. My brother will come for her. But it’s too late. She’s mine now. Anyone coming for her, will have to make it through me.


Lindsey’s Secret by Emily Tilton

Lindsay has a daddy. Usually that makes Lindsay very happy. But when Rick, her older, handsome, wealthy daddy, is away one fateful day, Lindsay gets so needy that she breaks a very important rule. Will she keep it a secret, or will she confess and accept the penalty Rick laid down: the stout, black-leather penalty he wears around his waist that makes Lindsay's tummy flutter every time she looks at it? 


Dom Fitness by Brianna Hale

Dom has a crazy-ass idea: a gym run entirely by BDSM dominants. Amelia has never so much as breathed near an exercise bike, and yet her editor wants her to write a feature on Dom Fitness. To her shock, being dominated by Dom feels amazing, but wanting more is definitely against club rules. Pfft, rules? It’s not just Amelia that’s about to get bendy. Daddy Dom doesn’t call her his naughty brat for nothing.


Daddy’s Naughty Darling by Laylah Roberts

It was all the damn bunny’s fault. . . Okay, so it wasn’t actually the bunny’s fault that she’d wandered off the path, gotten lost, and had to be rescued by Rambo. But it was better than blaming herself. Or imagining exactly what was going to happen once Daddy returned home.

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