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Coming March 28, 2023

I've been Scrub Daddy for years, but I've never wanted to clean up someone's act like I do Holly Holiday's.

Logan's a total neat freak and Holly's a disorganized mess but what they don't know can't stop their immeasurable chemistry.

Can their blazing hot romance survive once they know the truth about each other?


Each day, the beautiful baker gives me a cupcake and each day I’m distracted with thoughts of her while refusing to eat the delicious-looking confection.


Today she pulls me off to the side of the busy deli into a private alcove, handing me a cupcake that has the Grinch on top.


“I’ll win you over yet, Confectionery Grinch.”


I bark a laugh, and she smiles as if she’s won a prize. And her smile? It hits me straight in the gut like I’ve been sucker punched. She’s so goddamned endearing.


“While I do answer to grinch, grouch, and grumpy, my actual name is Logan.” I fight the grin that tugs at my mouth. “Cupcake, has anyone ever told you you’re a brat?” It’s not the first time I’ve call her a brat but it is the first time I’ve called her Cupcake.


She shrugs. “I call ‘em as I see ‘em. And no, only you, but…” Her lip catches between her teeth in a cheeky grin for a second before she finishes her sentence. “Did you just call me Cupcake?”


“And a brat, but yes.”


“Hmm.” She looks up, considering my words. “I like it. Both actually.”


My brows rise.


“What?” She shrugs.


“Damn, I love brats.” I narrow my eyes at her. “More specifically, setting them straight.”


She laughs, using her whole body and I can’t fight my smile any longer.


“I like the sound of that too.” She smiles shyly and suddenly it’s not so much a sucker punch she hits me with, but a bolt of hot lightning.


For the first time in five years, I think it’s time to put my dating hiatus on hiatus. 


“Listen, Cupcake.”


She narrows her eyes playfully. “Logan, I have an actual name too, you know? It’s Holly.”


“Nah, it’s Cupcake. Now listen—” She cuts me off again.


“I’m not calling you Logan then.” She crosses her arms, looking skyward pensively.


“If you keep interrupting me, young lady—”


“Bossy, bossy! You’re totally giving off domly-dom vibes, you know?”


I smirk. “I am, am I?”


My eyes lock onto hers and she visibly shivers.


“Yes. Definitely.” Her answer is slow and breathy.


“Can I finish now, little girl?”


“Mmm, yup, domly vibes. Yummy. Especially with this tidy beard and tucked in T-shirt.” She reaches up and smooths her hands over my beard. Her touch feels so intimate, I look around to see who’s noticed. But of course no one is watching us.


“Jesus, I totally want to spank you right now.”


Her grin hits me straight in the gut, and my dick lurches.


“Okay, okay!” Her hands go up. “What did you want to say? I’m gluing my lips.”


I stare at her delectable mouth, my cock pressing against my zipper. Jacking off to porn gets a guy by, but it’s like living off bread and water and right now I’m craving steak.


“Well, go ahead, I’m waiting.” She tries to suppress her giggle as I give her my sternest look.


“I’ll try your cupcake, and every other cupcake you give me, if you’ll go out with me.”


“Deal.” She blurts the word so fast, she’s embarrassed. Two adorable circles of pink blossom on her cheeks. I love that she’s blushes so easily.


“Is tomorrow too soon? I may be eager but it’s also Friday, which is a slower day for me so we can do lunch or dinner. I can pick you up.”


“How about we meet somewhere?”


I assess her face, impressed. “Good girl. That’s smart. I’m just some guy you met in a deli.”


“True, but I also asked Bruno about you. He says you’re a grumpy son of a bitch but a local business owner who’s been coming to the deli for years. If Bruno deems you harmless, I do too.”


I wink. “I wouldn’t say I’m harmless, Cupcake.”


“Well, Sir, I think I like your kind of danger.”


I grin, feeling like a teenager as we make plans to meet for dinner. The amusing part? She suggests a steakhouse.

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