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 Elle has it all together, except when it comes to her love life, so when every Mr. Right turns out to be wrong, she changes tactics, indulging in a night of sizzling sex with an untamed hockey player from abroad.

Danon, the crowned prince of Denmark, wants nothing to do with taking his father’s place as king or the American Senator’s daughter he’s expected to court, so when he meets a confident, sexy AF, American girl, who couldn’t be more wrong for him, he unleashes his carnal urges and beds the fiery blonde. 

As they struggle to resist their explosive chemistry, and one scorching night turns into another, the clock ticks closer to the inevitable end.

If only they had a fairy godmother that could make two wrongs into a right

Freebie Short Story!

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A follow up bonus story to 2021 years Dirty Daddies novella, The Bet.


Protecting Lu was in the 2020 Dirty Daddies Anthology but it's doubled in length and live now!

Lu's trouble, hot in that dirty-daddy sort of way, and I'm risking everything to make her mine.

She’s all kinds of wrong for me, grumpy, headstrong, as disagreeable as they come, and she’s tangled up with the outlaw biker club I’m taking down.

She’s not my responsibility.

Not my priority.

She’s not even my type.

But hell if any of that matters because, even if it’s the last thing I do,

I’m protecting Lu.

Coming Next  

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After five years uncover in the outlaw biker club, Satan’s Ransom, my only goal is to win custody of my five-year-old daughter. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, especially with the judge making me jump through hoops every step of the way.


What I didn’t know was that my sexy-as-hell, but mischievous neighbour would do everything in her power to thwart me, unintentionally making every one of those hoops higher.  


And dammit, if she doesn’t get sexier with each one of her shenanigans. 



Note: This is Python’s story. Although a standalone, you may remember him from the book, Protecting Lu. He’s finally free of Satan’s Ransom and ready to win back his daughter and perhaps accidentally stumble on love. 

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