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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Mountain Man Daddy is Back! Releasing November 27th!!

A Daddy for Christmas is a sexy collection of ALL-NEW age play romances, brought to you by six USA Today and international bestselling authors. Daddy always knows best, and the young ladies in these smoking hot novellas are lucky to have the firm guidance of a father figure during the most magical time of the year. Grab some hot chocolate, snuggle up in your favorite reading spot, and let these dominant but loving daddies take charge.


Papa’s Little Bride by Sue Lyndon

Build-A-Daddy by Maren Smith

Santa Daddy by Katherine Deane

Mountain Man Daddy's Christmas Surprise by Kara Kelley

The Daddy Contract by Adaline Raine

His Little Noelle by Maggie Ryan

Publisher’s Note: The stories included in this romantic age play collection contain spankings, sexual scenes, and other naughtiness sure to keep you warm during the holidays. Please do not purchase this box set if such material offends you.

Have you been wondering what Mountain Man Daddy and his little Avery have been doing up on the mountain top since we last left them? Well here's your chance to find out! 


Tis the season and Mountain Man Daddy has a lot to do to surprise his little wife Avery with his change of heart about Christmas, but Rocky, their pet bear, is acting strange and refuses to leave Avery’s side. Mountain Man Daddy, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, suspects it’s one of his past arrests lurking and he’s more protective than ever. But when Avery finds out the real reason for Rocky’s guardian act, she and her spunky senior-citizen neighbour, Annie, set out planning a surprise of their own.


“You weren’t coming outside like that, were you?” He yanked off his toque with a growl, kicked off his boots and shucked out of his coat. Snow landed at his feet and began melting.
“I was hot,” she said meekly. “But, no. I just realized what I was wearing and was going to change when you came through the door.”
He hung his coat on the hook and took the mugs from her, holding both handles in one of his large hands so he could brush the snow from his hair and beard.
“Go ahead then, little girl.” He gave her a half smile and her heart fluttered happily. “Not that I don’t enjoy looking at your legs, but you’re going to catch a cold.”
Her brows rose at his words. “Every time you say that I tell you that you don’t catch a cold from the weather, you catch a cold from a virus.” She watched as he rubbed his big hand over his beard seemingly in consideration of her statement. Rocky seemed to grow bored by their conversation and walked to the woodstove, grunted and threw himself down in front of it.
“And every time you say that, I’m usually taking care of you, making you soup and handing you tissues the next week.”
She rolled her eyes. “That’s just a coincidence. I’m the one who goes to town and people give me germs.”
“Did you just roll your eyes at me, young lady?” His voice was deep, low and threatening.
She shivered but grinned cheekily. “Umm, I sure did.” She turned, spun on the balls of her feet, and ran into the bedroom, knowing he still held the two cups and would have to set them down before chasing her.
Just as he flew into the room, at a speed a man of his size shouldn’t be capable of, Rocky bustled in behind him.
“Stay back, Mountain Man or my bear will attack,” she said with a giggle, pointing at Rocky. “You hear him growling?”
“Black bears don’t growl, little one.” He stalked closer to the bed, and she scrambled off the other side. Rocky was silently but intently watching.
“Hmm, learn something new every day,” she replied and shifted to match his movement, keeping them an equal distance apart. 
“I plan on teaching you something else.”
His smirk was hidden, but she knew by the sparkle in his eyes that he was being playful. Oh, she’d end up over his knee, but it would be for fun and it would end in the most delicious way.
As he lunged across the bed at her, Rocky made a deep pulsing throaty noise that made Mike freeze.
“I thought you said they don’t growl?” Avery’s stomach quivered.
“That wasn’t a growl, Avery, but it was a threat.”
Avery looked at the bear, large and intimidating, filling the doorway with his mass. He hadn’t moved his eyes from Mike for even a second. Mike rolled and sat up on the bed.
“Do you think a huge storm is coming and Rocky’s trying to warn us?” she asked.
“No, he’s protecting you. I’m just not sure why.” Mike scratched his beard, eying the bear warily.
“He’s never done this before. He sees us play all the time. Hell, he’s seen you punishing me.”
“Right.” He narrowed his eyes and shot her a quick warning glance. “Don’t go anywhere alone.”
His deep voice reverberated through her. “What?” Her brow furrowed. “But this is why you taught me how to use the gun, and made me pore over books on wildlife, and got me the car. So I didn’t need a chaperone all the time.”
“Avery, I won’t argue over this. Something’s changed and until I know what it is, you’re on lockdown. You don’t leave this cabin without me.”
He looked at her, the playful sternness replaced by the real kind that made her belly sink like a rock and her nether cheeks tingle in dread.
“Yes.” She nodded and he rose from the bed. If she couldn’t tell how concerned he was by his pallor and tight expression, she could tell by the way he hadn’t made her repeat her ‘yes’ and add ‘daddy’. Mike was worried. Avery chewed her lip. And that made her worry, too. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

It's been a very successful week!  

Taking in Dani hit #1 bestseller in Canada in both the Romance category and the Contemporary Romance category and hit #5 overall in Kindle Canada.  It was also a bestseller (Top 100) in the UK and Australia! WHOOT! Way to go Dani and Adam!

Mountain Man Daddy isn't letting Taking in Dani have all the fun either!

Mountain Man Daddy is currently in the top 100 in Canada and Australia and is trying hard to reach the top 100 in the USA. Come on Daddy and Avery!!!


What else is going on?

Well, I have just given away two $10 gift cards to two random ARC readers and have two more giveaways happening tomorrow. I'm also beta reading for a friend and writing the next book in the series. Yes, Mountain Man Daddy was the start of a series. Although there are no character cross-overs, there is a theme - rugged, reclusive, sexy, outdoor daddies! 

Sunday, 9 July 2017


Mountain Man Daddy is ready to for you to own... or will he OWN YOU?


This prize includes a water bottle(True North Strong and Free), a snuggly Canadian moose plush toy(Hugs from Canada), and T-shirt (Up the creek with a paddle), a black bear keychain(ROCKY), two bath bombs(if you've read the book Avery complains of Mountain Man Daddy's low-flow shower and always wants a delicious bath), a BIG paddle(decorative or , a reusable bag (with a moose on the front), some Kara kelley pens and bookmarks, AND some rope (Mountain Man Daddy says... "That's optional" LOL).

How do you enter? Go to my author page in Facebook CLICK HERE and check out the giveaway post pinned to the top of my page and ENTER! LIKE, SHARE, TAG A FRIEND(or more for more chances) and BAM you're in the draw!


Don't miss out! Taking in Dani has a Bookbub and will be on sale until the 16th of July! Only 77 cents USD and 99 cents in Canada, Australia, and UK!
If you haven't read my first book, do not miss this opportunity!





Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Mountain Man Daddy is ready are you?

Mountain Man Daddy is ready, are you?

Coming July 7th 2017

Welcome to the WipItUp Wednesday Blog hop! Thanks for hopping by to see what I've got coming out soon!


Carrying nothing but a change of clothes, a pile of cash and a gun, Avery Trent flees to Eastern Canada to escape the men that killed her estranged husband. But while driving on a dangerous, lonely logging road, Avery comes face to face with death and the only thing holding her back from the edge is a ruggedly handsome but cantankerous mountain man.

Mike Hunter left the RCMP and society behind to live off-grid as a recluse in the New Brunswick mountains years ago, but when he finds a beautiful girl dying in a Jeep at the bottom of his mountain his instincts take over.  It isn’t long before Avery awakens not just his protective nature but his inner daddy dom, too.  Spanking the reckless woman to keep her from running off foolishly into the dangerous wilderness stirs emotions he hasn’t felt in years, and suddenly protecting her from both of their pasts becomes his sole focus.   
As danger grows nearer, however, Avery must decide whether she can trust Mike to protect her or if she must flee once more, leaving behind the mountain haven and the daddy dom she’s grown to love.

Warning: This book contains graphic hot mountain man lovin’ and both sexy and consensual discipline spankings. If these delicious things offend you, please don’t read. J
Kara Kelley

Want to see the book trailer? 

How about an audio clip from the fantastic narration duo of La Petite Mort and Ruby Rivers?


"What are you doing?" His gruff voice made her drop the shorts to her feet and stand swiftly.  Her face felt hot with embarrassment. He’d caught her going through his underwear drawer. Oh, God, his underwear drawer!
 "Uh." She looked to the drawer, her gaze landing on a pair of thick wool socks and she lunged for them.

"I—my feet were cold." Her heart pounded as his eyes narrowed, but this time it didn't beat in her chest. Avery swallowed several times to rid herself of the dry patch in her throat. Yes, she liked this guy's look, even when it was irritated, maybe especially so. There was a mix of excitement, heat, and fear that fizzed in her.  He was a contradiction with his rugged, gruff exterior and his gentle nurturing, and it fascinated her.

 "I was distracted by the funny boxers," she said, looking down sheepishly at the socks, hoping he bought her lie. It wasn't all a lie; she did get distracted by his shorts.

His hands went to his hips.  The jeans he wore were old but hugged him well—too well to need the thick leather belt he wore. Tucked into them was a green thermal long sleeve shirt that molded over each well-defined pec, ab and bicep. He was a man in every single way.
 "And what would you think if you caught me looking through your undergarments?" He walked toward her, and she stepped back automatically, her knees hitting the bed and knocking her to a sitting position. She chewed the inside of her cheek as he kept coming.

"I'd probably think you were a pervert." She was intimidated by his size, so she looked to her feet.

"I think that sounds about right." He bent forward and lifted Avery's chin with one long, callused finger. "Are you a pervert?" Was that humour in his eyes? She swallowed audibly.  She shook her head, and her stomach churned nervously.

 "What's your name, little girl?" His deep voice hummed through her, and her heart flipped.  She only shook her head again. He sighed and sat down beside her on the bed.
 "Lie down." It was once again a stern demand rather than a request. His eyes searched hers, but this time it wasn't as uncomfortable.  His firm but concerned blue eyes penetrated hers, and a starburst of thrills shot through her. His plump red lips framed by the reddish-blond beard were calling to her, and she wanted to place her hands on his weather-pinked cheeks and draw him closer.  He sighed again and pulled his toque off. His hair hung in dark blond waves to his shoulders. Longish hair had never, ever been sexy to her, but God, this man wore it well. He tucked it behind his ears. She wanted to reach out and touch it. It looked thick and smooth.
 "Do you ever do as you're told?" he asked, sounding more than a little exasperated." She shrugged and gave him a small flat smile. Obedience and Avery were synonymous at one time. 
             "I don't have patience for people at the best of times, but little girls that drive off the road because they're speeding and ignoring warning signs, and force me to rescue them not once, but twice—well, I have no patience for them at all. Now, lay down or I'll introduce my hard hand to your bare bottom." His forehead creases deepened. 
“Okay Yukon.”

"My name is Mike, Annie calls me Yukon. But while you're here, you'll call me Daddy."

Thanks for checking out my latest book! 
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