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Sunday, 15 July 2018


Coming July 27, 2018
FINALLY!! I'm so excited to tell you, Biker Daddy, is almost here! 
In just a few short weeks this HOT daddy will be available!

What are other authors saying about Biker Daddy?

Life is about the decisions we make; the paths we take. But what if your choices are shaped by the sins of others, the sins of your father? Biker Daddy is about more than a man who has sought to forge a path out of the darkness. It is about more than a young woman struggling with her grief. It is about stepping away from the fear and doubt to find strength, acceptance and love. It is about risking it all for the one who holds your heart. It asks the question – what is the price of redemption. An answer you can’t wait to discover as you meet a young woman who sees so much more than the tormented boy who is now a man. Her entire soul recognizes that this scary biker is not what he seems. He is the Daddy she’s never known she needs until now.
Maggie Ryan, USA Today Bestselling Author

Biker Daddy is visceral, gritty, and only goes to prove that sometimes the best damn romances truly can be found in the darkest of stories. Drew is a scarred, haunted and hunted survivor from his father’s own gang. Addi writes editorials for the charm side of Charm & Adventure Magazine. They say opposites attract, but I guarantee never in the history of opposites have they ever come together with anywhere near this much spark… or passion.
Maren Smith, Author of the Bestselling, Masters of The Castle Series.

As some of you know I went to the Romantic Times Book Lovers Conference in Reno in May.  It was amazing!  And I spent a lot time with some fantastic authors! Like Renee Rose, who I had a lovely sprinting session with while she was writing the HOT, DARK and DIRTY book, King of Diamonds! 

"Dark, dirty, and perfect--Renee Rose has mastered this genre." ~USA Today Bestselling Author Alta Hensley

I told you not to set foot in my casino again. I told you
to stay away. Because if I see those hips swinging around

my suite, I’ll pin you against the wall and take you hard.
And once I make you mine, I’m not gonna set you free.
I’m king of the Vegas underground and I take
what I want.
So run. Stay the hell away from my casino.
Or I’ll tie you to my bed. Put you on your knees.
Break you.

So come to me, beautiful, if you 

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Coming Soon!!

Raw excerpt of, Biker Daddy! Coming soon!

“There’s no way in hell,” she said slamming the car door. His narrowed eyes and set jaw were no deterrence as she advanced on him. She poked a short French manicured fingertip into his hard, bare chest.
“What are you trying to pull, you swindling, scoundrel, biker bully? My uncle would never sell this place—not even to his friend. It was his whole life and just so you know I’m not some long-lost niece buster! I talked to my uncle almost every day and Skyped with him weekly! And just because I didn’t know you lived here doesn’t mean anything.” She took a moment to breathe, and calm herself. Her face was flaming with anger.
“He would have told me if he was selling the place.”
Fitz looked at the spot on his chest where she poked and then frowned. She had over-reacted. She hugged her arms around her middle and looked away from his perturbed expression. God, she was exhausted and not acting like herself at all. Where was her control?
“Uncle Ray would have told me,” she repeated, quieter, almost contrite. Was this what his letter was about?
“First off, he didn’t want you to know because he knew you’d want to come to his rescue—he’s broke—he was broke. And second, little girl, you ever poke me again and I’ll show you what a scoundrel I can be.” His mitt-like hands came off his hips and he crossed his thick arms.
“Broke? No way! Do you know how much his paintings go for? Hundreds of thousands! There’s no way he was broke. And don’t you threaten me,” she retorted, her temper flaring again.
“Yeah, well he liked giving his money away. And it wasn’t a threat. It was a promise.” He glowered down at her, his fingers pressing deeper into the skin of his bicep over a particularly scary-looking tattoo.
Was it the Grim Reaper?
“Not to his detriment, you caveman! I should have known you’d threaten me.” She rolled her eyes. “You bikers have no morals. You beat up your old ladies all the time.” She paused. “Or your old men.”
A smirk twitched behind his facial hair and she clenched her fists, a growl escaping.
“It’s no joke!”
“I wouldn’t beat you up, babygirl. Not even if you were my old lady.” His voice was rich, raspy and tinged with sexy innuendo and then just as suddenly as it came, it left and the amusement fell from his face. “However, I have no qualms about putting a deserving little girl over my knee if she can’t keep her damn hands to herself and her temper in check.
“We’ll just save the rest of this money conversation for the lawyer,” she snapped in hopes of ending the fight she was too tired to continue. Besides, she felt heat creep down her body to enflame her southern region as she realized what he’d just said. “Did you just threaten to spank me?”
“Nope.” He uncrossed his arms and positioned them back on his hips. “Again, it was a promise. And just so you don’t get your panties in a twist the sale became void as soon as Ray died.” They locked eyes for a long pause before he shook his head and opened the back door of her car. She watched in shock as he reached in to grab her bags.
“Come on. Let’s get you settled and then I’ll take you to the funeral home. I only came home to feed Ray’s fish. I don’t feel much like being here today. As taciturn as Ray was, this place is too quiet and empty without him.”
Carrying her bags, he strode off on his long legs leaving her to scramble after him. Taciturn? An educated biker? She decided to leave the hot topic of him buying the camp and spanking her for the moment until she’d seen to Uncle Ray’s arrangements, had some food and some much-needed sleep. Then she’d be herself—cool, and quick-witted. Then she’d be capable of shredding him without raising her voice.
Tomorrow that biker was in for it. She huffed and then hauled ass to catch up to him. Did he say fish?
“Uncle Ray has a fish? Like a goldfish?” He shot a smirk over his broad shoulder at her.
“It’s no goldfish, babygirl.” When he called her that, her belly squirmed. No one had ever called her that. Not even just baby. She’d had a few ‘babes.’ Hey babe, wanna go for a drink? Hey babe, you mind? You’re blocking the game. Hey babe can I give you a ride? But they didn’t count.
“I can take that,” she said reaching for her suitcase. He only quirked that damn eyebrow at her again making her gut flip.
“Even a scoundrel like me wouldn’t let a lady carry her own bags.” He left her behind to head down the path to Uncle Ray’s cabin. She didn’t try to catch up then. Her heels were sinking into the soft moist pine bed and if she moved any faster she’d probably break an ankle.
“What the hell are in these anyway? Bricks?”
Yeah for the wall I’m going to build to keep you away from this camp.
“I was supposed to be heading to a B&B in Orillia. I just grabbed my already packed suitcases and went straight to the airport.” He made a huffing sound—she thought it may have been the start of a chuckle, but she wasn’t sure.
“Bikini’s don’t weigh this much.” Now she huffed.
“It was a business trip.” She rolled her eyes. “I was doing an article for the magazine and I don’t wear bikinis.” He looked down at her, now at his side. His eyes traveled slowly down her body leaving a sizzling path of heat in their wake.
“Why not?” he asked and looked seriously perplexed. Is he blind?
“Because girls with my figure shouldn’t,” she stated plainly and looked away.
“Why the hell not?” He sounded offended.
“Because I’m thick.”
“Thick? What the hell does that mean?”
She sighed. “I’m fat!” He stopped at that and set her bags down grabbing her upper arm again, this time to spin her, stopping when she’d gone full circle and faced him again.
“Christ!” He eyed her sternly. “Says who? Who the hell would call you fat? Those curves should have warning labels they’re so dangerously enticing. Only an asshole looking for a plastic doll would call you thick, solid, or fat. You’re goddamned perfect!” Oddly, even though his words were complimentary, he sounded angry—as if her looks pissed him off.
She crossed her arms and gave him a challenging look to hide her insecurity. His gaze only got sterner and she found her gaze dropping to her coral high-heels uncomfortably.
“Fuck the bikini, you should skinny dip anyway.” He released her sounding even more irritated and picked up the suitcases again. He made it five big strides before Addi started following again. How the hell had they just had that conversation?
And why did his words leave her both flustered and over-heated in places that shouldn’t be hot in her current situation? Or at all, since he was a biker and they were dangerous and she didn’t do dangerous. And why the hell was he so aggravated with her?

Thursday, 29 March 2018


The heat is on...THIRTY deliciously steamy paperbacks are up for grabs! Including mine!
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Paperbacks included:
Danielle Norman - Enough
Renee Rose - Night of the Zandians
Golden Angel - Tempting the Domme
Vanessa Vale - Spurred 
Tessa Bailey - Getaway Girl
M.E. Montgomery - Yesterday's Tomorrows
Sara Fields - Her Alien Doctors
Leslie McAdam - Lumbersexual
Tess Thompson - Blue Midnight
Willow Winters - She Asked For It
Julia Sykes - Sweet Captivity
Annabel Joseph - Cirque de Minuit
Eva Charles - Sheltered Heart
Alta Hensley - Bastards & Whiskey
Aleatha Romig - RESPECT
Vivian Wood - Dr. Hottie
Celia Aaron - Nate
Gemma James - Torrent
K Webster - My Torin
LJ Shen - Blood to Dust
F.G. Adams - Lukas
V.F. Mason - Sociopath's Obsession 
Sunniva Dee - Walking Heartbreak
Anna Edwards - Surrendered Control
Kat Mizera - Vladimir
J.L. Beck - Be Mine: Smut Collection Box Set 
Kara Kelley - Mountain Man Daddy
N. E. Henderson - Dirty Blue
Sierra Cartwright - Bind
Nana Malone - Lovestruck

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And Here's Another Sexy Unedited Excerpt From Biker Daddy!

“You have a great ass, Drew.” Her face bloomed pink.
“Is that all, babe?” He shot her a cocky grin.
“Oh no, your penis is pretty magnificent, too.” Tipping his head back, he laughed and then grabbed his dick again, stroking it for her. 
“It’s a cock, sugar—one that’s eager for you.”
Pulling his tie over his head, he nodded to the settee. “Sit.” Once she’d obeyed, he wrapped the tie around her head to cover her eyes and kissed her nose. 
“I fucking adore you.”
“You’re painting me with a tie around my eyes?  Is this going to be the cover for another of those novels?” He just chuckled and started unbuttoning her dress. She reached for his hand. “No!” Her face paled and all the playfulness gave way to her nerves.
“I don’t want you to paint me naked. I… ” Her voice cracked and he tilted her face up with his finger. She looked instantly calmer.
“Babe, do you trust me?”
“Yes.” Her lip trembled so he kissed it still. “But I…” Her mumbled words against his lips made his mouth quirk. God, she was adorable. 
“You’re beautiful—every, single part of you, inside and out - and you’re mine to do as I please with.
“I don’t want my body, in all its inglorious detail, immortalized forever on canvas, Drew.”
“If you put yourself down again, babe, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” She lowered her head.
“I do.”
“What’s that babygirl?”
“You’ll spank me?” 
“Mhmm. Daddy will spank your naughty bottom crimson.”
“Okay. I’m sorry.” 
“Good girl. Now I want you naked and lying down.” Her brow furrowed and she bit her lip again. He cleared his throat.
“You aren’t painting on canvas, are you?”
“Nope. You’re my medium today.” He ran his thumb over the apple of her cheek which was pink and warm to the touch. “I do have another one of you started.  You can’t see it until its done, though.”
“Okay.” He took the sides of her dress and pulled it off. Unhooking her bra, he let it slide off her arms while eyeing her thong panties. They could stay, he decided, tracing the little triangle covering her bare mound.  It hadn’t been bare before and he liked it naked and smooth.
“You were going to wear this at the charming little old lady B&B?”
“No, they’re my motivational panties. I’ve never worn them.  I just keep them packed to push me to remember to eat properly and jog while I’m away. I only wore them today because my only funeral appropriate dress was too tight and I didn’t want panty lines.”
“Do you know how amazing you look in them?”
“Don’t tease me, Drew.” Her mouth was a flat line and it made his jaw tense.
“Get up,” he said firmlyShe swallowed audibly and he grabbed her arm to pull her up before she could disobey. Bending, he tossed her over his shoulder. She squealed and he smacked her ass.
“Ow, Drew!”
“It’s daddy,” he grumbled.
“Fine! Ow, daddy!”
 “The sarcasm doesn’t impress me, babe.” He cracked his palm on her naked flesh again, this time with more zest. It sounded sharp and her gasp said it felt that way too. He flicked on the light switch as he walked into the large bathroom down the hall from the kitchen. Lowering her to her feet, he spun her to face the full-length mirror and yanked off the blindfold.
“Look at yourself.” She crossed her arms and looked skyward. “God, babe, you’re asking for a spanking so badly right now. Is that what you want?”
“No.” It was petulant and he sighed.
“I had other plans, but I’ll always give my babygirl what she needs.”

Tuesday, 6 February 2018


V-day is coming! Why not warm yourself up with a new book boyfriend to get ready for the big day? And perhaps find a new favourite author in the process! 
This Valentine's Day Giveaway is HUGE!!! 
I browsed through the selection of books and my tongue is hanging out! 


I don't know about you, but when I'm reading something HOT and DELICIOUSLY SEXY I want to share it with my girls! AND WHEN THEY'RE FREE - BONUS!!!
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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Mountain Man Daddy Comes to Life with Audible!!!

Mountain Man Daddy is on AUDIO!!

Tor Thom and Charley Ongel are the perfect narrators for this book! Tor brought growly Mountain Man Mike to life so well, I got shivers!  And Charley really brought Avery off the pages! I couldn't have asked for better!

Here's what listeners are saying:

"Worth the wait! After hearing so much buzz about this book and how incredible it is, I could not wait for the audio. Then I thought, I hope it lives up to the hype. And it does and more! I loved this book! Kara Kelley has incorporated all of the things I love in a story...the broody, alpha male, the damsel in distress(though she is not helpless), a lot of suspense and a genuinely good story line. Avery has gotten herself in a predicament with her trusting ways and con artist husband. After witnessing his murder, she knows she has to get out of town to make sure she is not the next victim. Running off the road was not in the plans, but death could be better than her current situation. Mike, a recluse living on a mountain is drawn to the wreck by this pet bear, Rocky(yes, I said pet bear). And the story begins. Kelley incorporates so much into this book, from crazy, controlling families to dealing with incredible wealth, survivor's guilt and deceit, eating rock hard bread to enjoying the fruits of the mountain we are taken back to the roots of life while still living in the present world. It is a joy to listen. There is some definite spanking going on, so keep that in mind if that is not what you like to hear. This daddy dom story is amazing.
The choice of narrators for this story for me was key. The need for the deep, dark, baritone voice is a necessity for this character and at the same time needs the warm, protective side. Tor Thom is the perfect choice for this. He brings Mike to life so much you can feel the presence of this alpha, flannel dressed man. With his co-narrator Charley Ongel voicing Avery through her world of confusion and tragedy, the book is amazing."
Overall: 5*
Performance 5*
Story: 5*

 "Hot Man!
This one has everything you would want in a story. Adventure, sex, suspense and love. Tor Thom and Charley Ongel hit this one out of the park! Their voices were perfect! Loved it !"
Overall: 5*
Performance: 5*
Story: 5*

 "💦💦 So Hot 💦💦 
Be warned! Do not listen to this in a crowd. Unless you're into that kind of thing... I don't judge. 
Seriously, the combo of the narrator's smooth smokey voice combined with the HAF storyline was so amazeballs. I honestly can't think of anything else to say about it. You need to buy this audiobook ASAP and prepare yourself for a tingly ride."

Overall: 4*
Performance: 4*
Story" 4*

Here's the blurb in case you haven't heard the BUZZ!

Since retiring from his job as an officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mike Hunter has been living off-grid in a cabin nestled in the mountains of New Brunswick, but his solitary existence is interrupted when he pulls a beautiful young woman from her vehicle after a crash she is lucky to have survived. Mike's conscience overrides his desire for privacy, and he brings the injured woman back to his cabin to care for her.
Avery Trent is desperate to get away from the ruthless men seeking to collect on her murdered husband's gambling debt, and the last thing she wants is to stay put in some mountain man's cabin until he decides it's safe for her to leave. But Mike gives her no choice in the matter, and when she makes a run for it, Avery quickly ends up over his knee for a sound spanking.
In spite of her situation, Avery cannot help feeling safe and cared for when Mike gently comforts her after her punishment, and when he takes her in his arms, his dominant lovemaking is better than she could have ever imagined. Mike does not hesitate to assume the role of Avery's firm but loving daddy, and he is fully prepared to discipline her as thoroughly as necessary to curb her reckless defiance, but will he be able to keep her safe from both her enemies and his own?
Publisher's note: Mountain Man Daddy includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don't listen to this audiobook.
©2017 Stormy Night Publications (P)2017 Kara Kelley

Buy the Audio Book HERE! (or just listen to the SEXY teaser)

Buy the Kindle Book HERE! (Or just read all the wonderful reviews)

Looking for Another HOT READ to Warm You Up?

When his twenty-five-year-old wife Hannah's quest to be the perfect army spouse becomes so stressful that his needs start falling to the wayside, Major Brett Griffith decides it is time to take her in hand and remind her who is in charge. Soon enough, Hannah is blushing crimson as she is ordered to remove her panties in the middle of a restaurant during their anniversary dinner, and her protests merely earn her a thorough spanking on her bare bottom upon their return home.

Though Hannah is shocked and embarrassed by Brett's insistence that she call him daddy as she is punished like a naughty little girl, his firm-handed correction arouses her deeply. Before she knows it, she is delighting in her husband's stern dominance and bold mastery of her body as he teaches her how hot it can be to surrender herself completely to what daddy commands.

Publisher's Note: Daddy Commands includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

         HOT EXCERPT:

“Put your hands on the edge of the tub and keep them there,” I ordered, each word accompanied by a soft nibble. Once she had, I returned my hand to her sex, my fingers running up and down skin grown even slicker as her juices began to flow. My free hand moved to her breasts, weighing each one, squeezing softly before rolling her nipples, one, then the other, tugging, plucking, flicking as my fingers began to slide in and out of her sheath. Water sloshed and bubbles popped as her legs trembled, her gasps, moans, mewls, and pleas providing the music for the dance my hands were enjoying.
“Remember, you no longer control a thing. Not even your own pleasure. Do not come without asking permission. Understand?”
“Ye-yes, sir,” she managed, her body trembling, my ministrations causing her to breathe a little heavier, her breasts heaving.
“Good girl,” I said, sucking on the side of her neck, knowing it would leave a mark—my mark—as surely as my palm had left my mark on her buttocks with her spanking. Sliding my hand a bit further south, I nudged the entrance of her ass with my thumb.
“Please what?” I asked, rimming her pucker, teasing her with my fingers in her pussy. “Please may I come? Please slip my thumb into your pucker? Is that what you’re asking?”
“No… yes… I-I don’t know,” she said, her back arching, her nipples so tight they surely ached.
“Then I’ll decide that as well,” I said, breaching her anus for the first time as she arched, her keen so eerily soft, so primal that my cock threatened to erupt against her back. Pushing into her as fully as possible, I began to thrust my fingers in and out of her pussy, my thumb in and out of her ass until she was making incoherent sounds, her fingers moving to grip my arms.
“No,” I chastised softly. “Where are those hands supposed to be?”
A moan was her answer as she once again gripped the tub’s edge, her punishment a quick twist of each nipple and a hard thrust into her core and her ass.
“Please… please, I-I can’t… I need to come… please…”
“Then ask me correctly. Ask me to make you come.”
Her breath hitched, her body tried to make my hands move, but they remained frozen until she obeyed. “Please, sir. Please make me come.”
She’d learn that her daddy wouldn’t hesitate to set her ass on fire, but her husband would not hesitate to make her body burn in need.
“Good girl,” I praised, beginning my strokes again, adding a slide over her distended clit as I flicked her nipples and plundered her ass and pussy. “Come for me, Hannah. Come hard for me. Come now.”


Friday, 1 December 2017

Now that A Daddy for Christmas is out... What's Next?

What's next from Kara Kelley?

That's simple... another daddy book! There are four outdoor, reclusive daddies that need their stories told before I move on and this Biker Daddy is next!


He's an asshole biker with little time for anyone, except her.  Addi's the only woman he's ever loved - taken care of. And while he knows who she is and what they had together, Addi can't remember him nor does he want her to.  The woman needs him for now though - she needs him to be her hero and keeper again, but there's no way he'll let her fall for him this time, even if it means showing her just what kind of badass daddy he is.


 Everyone she's ever loved has left her, either by choice or circumstance. Maybe she's a bit of a control freak that takes ZERO risks. Maybe that scares people away. Maybe she destined to be alone, but for now, while she's grieving the loss of her uncle - the only true family she had left, she'll take the comfort and guidance of the man her uncle asked to take care of her.  The hot, demanding biker that calls himself daddy may not really care, but she can pretend for a while, can't she?   

TEASER? Oh Hell Yeah!


He opened the cabin door and she put a hand on his chest. “I’m sorry I came on to you. I should have known better.” Her eyes lowered to the deck. “I feel a connection to you because of Ray, but we’re nothing but strangers. And I’m not your type—not sexy like the woman in the bar.”

“What?” His voice was sharp. “Addianna.” Her name both scolded and scalded from his tongue. “Don’t.” His jaw ticked and he pointed a long finger at her.
“Don’t what? Admit the truth?” She looked away, blowing out. “I know this isn’t real. I know you’re being nice because Ray asked you to, but I need some reality to keep me on the ground. And that reality is, outside of this situation, I’m not good enough for you.”
“Jesus!” He slammed a hand against her cabin. “Get your ass in that cabin, little girl.” Her not good enough him? The idea was so ass-backwards he snorted.
Her eyes widened with a start and she stood frozen to the spot. Couldn’t she see how he struggled not to rip her clothes off and plant himself deep inside her lush body? He needed to show her… first, how she turned him to fucking lava and then, why she should stay the hell away from him.
“Babygirl, you’d better move it. When daddy tells you something, you do it.”
She swallowed, and spun, pushing the door open. He followed swiftly, making her scramble faster.
His eyes bulldozed, hard, demanding and full of desire into hers. The deep brown of her eyes swirled with heat and a tinge of uncertainty.
“Get those clothes off.” She blinked at his demand, possibly weighing her options. He took a step toward her and she went for the button on her jean capris. He took her hands.
“Too late. You hesitated. Now I have to show you how daddy punishes his babygirl when she’s disobedient.” Her lip quivered but the flush inflaming her cheeks told him it was arousal. She was wet and throbbing over his dominance—which he didn’t expect, but made him rock hard and straining in the confines of his pants. There was no turning back without breaking her and no going forward without being sent to a deeper level of Dante’s inferno. Ah hell.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

It's LIVE!!!

 It's LIVE!!!

A Daddy for Christmas is a sexy collection of ALL-NEW age play romances, brought to you by six USA Today and international bestselling authors.

Daddy always knows best, and the young ladies in these smoking hot novellas are lucky to have the firm guidance of a father figure during the most magical time of the year. Grab some hot chocolate, snuggle up in your favorite reading spot, and let these dominant but loving daddies take charge.

Click Here To Buy!


Papa's Little Bride by Sue Lyndon

Build-A-Daddy by Maren Smith

Santa Daddy by Katherine Deane

Mountain Man Daddy's Christmas Surprise by Kara Kelley

The Daddy Contract by Adaline Raine

His Little Noelle by Maggie Ryan

Publisher's Note: The stories included in this romantic age play collection contain spankings, sexual scenes, and other naughtiness sure to keep you warm during the holidays. Please do not purchase this box set if such material offends you.

Individual Blurbs

Papa’s Little Bride by Sue Lyndon:

When Kingston proposes marriage to Faith a few weeks before Christmas, he’s upfront about his expectations in a bride. Not only is she to call him Papa, but she’ll be under his complete authority and subject to his discipline. She soon thrives under his guidance and finds herself falling for her strict but loving Papa. But despite her newfound happiness, she can’t help but worry something will go wrong. Is their arrangement too good to be true, or has she finally found her forever home?

Build-A-Daddy by Maren Smith:

For Aubrey, when an impromptu trip to Build-A-Bear leads to an unexpected rescue by the cowboy Daddy of her dreams, she thinks her deepest, most secret wish about to come true. Sometimes it’s a brand new stuffy at Christmas time; sometimes, it’s a whole lot more.

Santa Daddy by Katherine Deane:

Alex and Connor are undercover again, and it's all fun and games until the caroling starts. Can Alex make it through this Christmas season without her usual bah-humbugging? Or will her Daddy, Connor have to take matters into his own hands?

 Mountain Man Daddy’s Christmas Surprise By Kara Kelley:

 'Tis the season and Mountain Man Daddy has a lot to do to surprise his little wife, Avery, with his change of heart about Christmas, but Rocky, their pet bear, is acting strange and refuses to leave Avery’s side. Mountain Man Daddy suspects it’s one of his past arrests lurking, and he’s more protective than ever. But when Avery finds out the real reason, she and her sneaky old neighbour, Annie, start planning a surprise of their own.

The Daddy Contract by Adaline Raine:

 Kayleigh Cavett penned a desperate letter to Santa Claus hoping for her own holiday miracle. She begged for someone to take care of her and get her life back on track. The next morning she awakens to find a stranded Sebastian Cruz, her brother's best friend and life long crush. When the handsome lawyer offers to spoil her rotten until the snow melts, will she accept his terms?

His Little Noelle by Maggie Ryan:

Her very name means Christmas, yet she’d never experienced the magic of the season. Davis is determined to change that and give his little Noelle the greatest gift of all... a family.

Here's what one wonderful reader has said about, A Daddy for Christmas!

"Kara Kelly - Mountain Man Daddy's Christmas Surprise

I really loved Kara’s book Mountain Daddy and I am really to get to read a Christmas Story. it takes place about 3 years after Mountain daddy and just like the first book it well written, filled with rich details and characters you will fall in love with instantly. There is still a wonderful connection between Mike and Avery and I loved their interaction. Mike was the perfect Daddy, stern but very loving and caring. Avery was full of spunk, smart and had a good heart. And i loved Annie and her interactions with Hal, it was very funny.

It was a smoking hot read with lots of sweet, funny and tender moments.

Maren Smith - Build a Daddy

if you go into a Build-A-bear store around Christmas time you might not be building a bear, but a Daddy. A daddy that will love you, take care of you and spank your naughty bottom when you deserve it. And do some very sexy stuff too.

Add being be stuck in the middle of a snowstorm and you have one very sweet, funny and romantic Christmas story.

Katherine Deane - Santa Daddy

This story features Alex and Conner from Undercover Daddy. It is not a problem if you haven’t read the book. They a new undercover job. Alex seems to be hiding something from her daddy which is never a good idea, but will some christmas spirit help them both?

It is a sweet, funny and magical story.

Maggie Ryan - His Little Noelle

The queen of D/lg stories does it again in this perfect sweet Christmas story. It features Davies and Noelle and both of them are wonderful likeable characters. I loved how Davis loved, cared for and protected Noelle and made sure she didn’t close down on him. Noelle was so full of life and sweetness.

The perfect Christmas read"

Excerpt of Mountain Man Daddy's Christmas Surprise!

He dumped her on their mattress, and she watched his eyes rove over her hungrily.
“You’re not worried about catching whatever you think I have?” she asked as he pulled his tight black thermal over his head.
“The way you ate? You’re not sick.” And with that, he grabbed her ankles and yanked her closer. He took the cuffs of her jogging pants and tugged sharply. They flew down and off her legs.
Her heart thumped between her thighs. She loved his rough lovemaking.
“Let’s get those panties off, little girl.” He used her legs to roll her onto her tummy and pulled her half off the bed so she was bent over it. He peeled the pink cotton down over her backside slowly. “Hmm definitely a white bottom,” he murmured slipping his hand between her thighs and lowering the material all the way down while brushing his fingers, feather-light, across her delicate skin, causing shivers to course through her.
He took them off completely and flung them so they flew over her head and landed on the top of the window trim.
“I was just thinking this morning we needed curtains.”
He swatted her bare bottom, making her gasp. “Quit distracting me with your decorating nonsense.” He pulled up her tank and leaned down to run his beard along her spine before he did the same with his tongue. His hand reached around her front and down her belly to cup her mound.
“This is mine, and panty curtains or not, I’m the only one who sees it…” He found her nub and circled it lightly, just enough to tease and torture. “Touches it.” He released her to boost her knees onto the mattress so her ass was high and then lowered himself so she could feel his breath on her sex. “Tastes it.” And his mouth covered her.

(Special thanks to Adaline Raine who made my wonderful teasers!)

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