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Man Hiking in Nature

Jax comes to you, cupping your chin in his hand...

"Care to try again?" He gives you a frown and it's almost like a punch in the gut. He's disappointed in you. 

"You're getting spanked either way, because I know you're lying. But I think we'd both feel better if you came clean first."

"I'm definitely not lying."

He takes a few minutes to look through his phone then turns it to you so you can read the text box. You swallow hard.

It's says right there under your name, "My childhood wasn't filled with typical family trips.  I've never done anything outdoorsy, haven't even slept in tent in my yard. I don't think I've even built a fort before, let alone a tent."

This time your swallow is audible. How could you forget that early conversation about how you both grew up? 

"I, uh, didn't want to disappoint you with my lack of outdoor skills."

"I would never be disappointed by something you haven't done before. But I'm definitely disappointed by you lying.  And you know that.  Cause you're very aware of my rules, aren't you?"

You look down at your feet, your stomach flip-flopping in dread. 

"Now what did we agree upon if you broke my lying rule?"

Too many seconds pass before you get up the courage to answer. But you finally blurt, "We agreed you'd spank me with my hairbrush." You shiver once the words leave your mouth.

"Go get it, young lady."

"Yes, daddy."

You go to your bag and grab the brush. The wooden brush feels horribly different in your hands now that it's about to be used to blister your bottom. 

"Pants down." Jax says holding his hand out for the brush. You hand it over and then look to the now fully erected tent. 

"Nope, we're doing this out here in nature. No one's nearby but the possibility of being seen getting your naughty bottom spanked red will add to the punishment."

Your gut drops and you start to chew your lip as you lower your jeans and panties. Jax sits on a fallen log and waggles his finger at you. You penguin walk to him and he yanks you without fuss over his left knee, pinning your legs with his right. 

"Just know this was not what I hoped would happen on our first trip away together. And that it's going to hurt me more than you know." He sets his arm across your back for a moment as if contemplating something then reaches down with the brush. 


"Hold this while I warm you up a bit." 


You take the brush with a shaking hand and close your eyes preparing for the spanking to start but no amount of preparing could get you ready for the swats that start things off. 


You yelp right away and can't even imagine how bad the brush will be when his hand is already so hurtful. But you don't have a lot of time to worry about it because before you know it, the hand spanking stops and he's asking for the brush.


"I'm so sorry for lying," you say in a pleading voice. Frisson rushes through your entire body as you hand him the brush.

The brush splats across both cheeks and you holler even though you promised yourself you wouldn't make a sound to draw anyone, or anything to your camp. It's just too much to stay silent. Each loud spank feels like a thousand stinging nettles, or bees or maybe just like you've sat in hot coals. 

You squirm but there is no escape. Jax has you pinned too tightly. 

You don't think you can handle even one more swat and when the next lands, tears come to your eyes. You slump over his lap, no longer able to fight and you apologize with each sob. 

"Please, please, I'll never lie again, daddy, please!"

"You better not, young lady."

When he stops spanking you, you lie slumped over his knee, sniffling while he rubs your back.


"I'm afraid we're not done yet, little girl.  We would be if you had've come clean on your own but you didn't which means I've got to drive this lesson home."


He helps you rise and sits you on his lap. "I deserve to be punished daddy. I want to be forgiven, but it hurts so much."


"I bet it does. And that's why you'll never do this again."


You nod. He pets your hair and gives you a kiss on the top of your head.


"Up you get. You're going to go stand facing that tree with your red bottom on display for twenty minutes. Then you're going to bed. No fire. No s'mores, no roasted marshmallows."

You pout but he gives you a stern look that makes you get up and head to the tree.

"You be good and daddy will tuck you in and hold you until you fall asleep."

It's the longest twenty minutes of your life especially when Jax get the fire going and you know you won't get to enjoy it.


 "Daddy loves you."

"I love you too. And no more lying."

"Good girl. Come on now, we'll get you tucked into our sleeping bag."

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