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Where the Magic Happens!

Biker Daddy, is live and, Daddy Demands, will be out in a few days with my 14k novella, Biker Daddy "Gunner", the story of two of the side characters from, Biker Daddy, Trevor and Layla. So what's next for me? Well, my dear husband just set me up in my new office - I'm finally out of the basement! I have a window, friends! :) I have rejoined Romance Writers of America, PAN(published authors network) and the Toronto Chapter so I'm looking forward to getting more involved in the community. The audio book of Biker Daddy is being produced now and will hopefully be done soon - although my narrator is awaiting the birth of his twins so we'll have to forgive him if he takes longer.

But what's my next book project... that's what you want to know, right? I am working on two books actually and one is a co-write that I'm super excited about. It's with an author I have wanted to work with since I read her first book! It's super secret for now, but we are well on our way to creating a steamy hot daddy-dom book that will have you reading in front of your fans!

And on my own I have a Daddy-dom novel in the works. Another hot, rugged, outdoor daddy-dom! I love writing about outdoorsy daddy-doms. And this one's not only filled with steamy outdoor sex scenes, super hot spankings and suspense but just a teeny little taste of some possible fantasy/paranormal, too. Hmm, are you ready for Wildman Daddy???

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